Easy, Tiger.


So, I got pretty excited this week about this classic 3-pose layout with a distressed filter.  Beautiful, right?  Also, this mask!  I stumbled upon it and then thought it photographed so beautifully that I went back the next day and bought five more.  Fair to say, we'll be well-stocked for a while now.


107628-3pose-distressed - Version 2.jpg

If you'd like to add a distressed vintage style look to your layouts, there are a few different ways we can do that - simply enquire to find out more.  Alternately, we have layouts that have a sharper, modern look.  It all depends on your style and the look of your wedding or event.  I really enjoy this aspect of what we do - creating custom layouts is gratifying and fun.  So - have something specific you'd like to go for with your photos, layout, or theme?  Talk to us!  We love working with clients to get a completely custom look.

x Jen